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  • Awards & Achivement

    Vanshika Bharadwaj XI (PCM) won something in Danik Jagran (Football)

    Ayush Yadav XI (PCM) won in Hindustan ( Hockey)
    • Drawing and Painting competition:
      Best in drawing and painting :Mohit K.Singh (Class V-A).

      Poster making competition:
      Best in poster making :Navya Varshney (Class IX-A).

      G.K Quiz:
      Sneha Sharma and Pranjal Gupta (Class VI).
      Shreya Agarwal and Anshi Sharma (Class VII)
      Saksham Mishra and Sparsh Rastogi (Class VIII)
      Narendra Singh and Saumya Raj (Class IX)
      Anubhav Mishra and Shantam Gaur (Class X)

      >> Slogan writing competition: Anushka Saxena (Class IX-A).

    • >> Essay writing competition on Parshuram : Tanya Sinha (Class X-A).

      >> English essay writing : Best Essay writer Samriddhi Gupta (Class VI-C).

      >> English Calligraphy: Best Calligrapher Shaivi Varshney (Class VII-B).

      >> Solo Dance Competition : Riddhima Gupta (Class IV-B).

      >> Clay Modelling Competition: Yash Pratap Singh (Class V-A).

      >> Rakhi Making Competition : Best Rakhi Maker Darshita Rastogi (Class VI-B).

      >> Fancy Dress Competition : Shuti Rastogi (Class I).

      >> Hindi Debate Competiton : Best Debator Shiv Bhushan Dubey(Class XI-B).

    • >> Hindi Poetry Compettion: Stuti (Class I-B).

      >> Collage Making competition : Darshita (Class VI-B).

      >> Strong Telling Competition : Stuti Rastogi (Class I-B).

      >> Hindi Calligraphy Competition : Zeba Naeem (Class X-C).

      >> Hindi Essay writing competition : Samriddhi Gupta (Class VI-C ).


School Facilities

Welcome to Mother Athena School

  • “ Mother Athena School", a CBSE board school in Budaun provides a high-quality co-education that prepares, ensures, and empowers all students to achieve their full intellectual and social potential in order to become lifelong learners and productive members of society. The happiness and welfare of every child is paramount. The maximum class strength is 40 students at Mother Athena School, Budaun and the small class sizes mean that we are able to focus on each child as individuals and these distinct characteristics makes it the top CBSE school in Budaun. ”Mother Athena school provides the well maintained facilities of Computer Lab, Digital Classroom. ”