Message to Parent

Message to Parents
Dear Parents,

This is a kind request to you to take preventive measure for Dengue during and after the monsoon. We can also contribute in minimizing the Dengue burden in country and can save lives by doing simple thing like :

  • * By not allowing water to stagnate in and around houses in containers.
  • * If we have to store water than cover it properly with tight lids.
  • * Check, clean, dry, scrub and refill the desert coolers.
  • * Check bird bath tubs, pots vases trays under refrigerators etc.
  • * Motive others.
  • * Use full sleeved cloths.
  • * Use repellents, mosquito nets, wire meshes on door and windows.
  • * Use coils, mats, vaporizers during day time too.
  • * Do not store solid waste on the roof to avoid mosquito breeding in rain water stagnation.

Dengue is preventable but if it is ignored it may be fatal. Timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent valuable lives.

Let us take a pledge to be aware about dengue and for taking small but effective measures to save ourselves, our families and our neighbours.

Remember you are doing this for humanity so it is other way of charity and charity begins at home.

Report each case of suspected/confirm dengue so that remedial measures could be undertaken for prevention of spread of disease.

Thanks & regards.


(Pavitra Yadav)