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Mother Athena School Dear Parents, School will remain closed on 20 January, 2021 (Wednesday) on account of Guru Govind Singh Jayanti. Thank you Principal

Scheme for Class IX & XI Final Examination

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Mother Athena School Dear Parents, As you all know that due to Covid-19 pandemic, studies of students have undoubtedly been affected .It is even difficult to know the actual status of students from online examination. Keeping upcoming board examination in mind, it becomes imperative for schools as well as parents to be serious towards it . As already informed you, Pre Board examinations for class X and Xll are going to start from 30/Dec/2020.It is very much required that a child should know the actual level of his/her preparation and can identify the shortcomings and further plan their studies accordingly. Hence ,we suggest parents to make it mandatory for their ward to appear in these examinations for their better performance in upcoming board examination. Thank you Principal

Mother Athena School Dear Parents/students, Due to Pre Board Examination, Offline Classes for 9th and 11th will not be scheduled on the following days. 30 Dec 2020 Wednesday 04 Jan 2021 Monday 07 Jan 2021 Thursday 11 Jan 2021 Monday 14 Jan 2021 Thursday 16 Jan 2021 Saturday There will be online classes on these days. Note:- Winter Break :-31st/December/2020 to 3/January/2021 Thank you Principal.

Mother Athena School Dear Parents, This is to inform you that compartment/optional examination for SSE / AISSCE 2020 are commencing from 22nd September, 2020 . Kindly find the datesheet attached. Exam Centre for the Students of Mother Athena School has been allotted at Centre No. 8067- KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA CIVIL LINES BADAUN UP. Students are instructed to follow the given instructions. :- 1-The candidates should thoroughly read the instructions given on the Admit Cards, QP Booklets, front & rear portion of title page of the answer book, writing of Answers as well as status of Unfair Means before they start writing their exam. 2-The students must count the pages of Main & Supplementary Answer Books and match the serial to ensure completeness of the answer scripts. 3-All candidates are advised not to carry or bring any prohibited / barred items such as Electronics Equipment /Gadgets /Devices /Mobile, Text Material, Books etc. with them inside the premises of Exam Centre.. 4-Candidates are instructed to reach the centre by 9:45 AM and follow the instructions given by the Centre Staffs with regard to Thermal Scanning including disinfectant / sanitization and wearing facemasks at the Centre. 5-Candidates must use handkerchief while coughing / sneezing and avoid unnecessary contact. Note:-Students can collect the Admit Cards from the school. With best wishes Thank you Principal

*Mother Athena School Dear Parents, As you are aware that the school is going to conduct Online Examination from 1st September, 2020. For attempting this examination, it is necessary to submit the students' fees before the examination. The answer sheets for the examination will be home delivered to the students of Class IX to XII to avoid inconvenience and maintain social distancing. During the delivery, the fees of the students will also be collected. An application stating reason(s) for non-deposition of fees needs to be provided by the parents if they are unable to pay the fees of their ward. In the case of non-compliance with the above mentioned conditions, the child will be considered absent in the examination. Keeping in mind the child will be allowed to appear in the examination even if the partial payment of his/her dues is done. We expect the guardians to act like invigilators during the examination in order to maintain transparency during the examination. Also, encourage your ward to not use unfair means and maintain the sanctity of the examination. We expect full cooperation from your side. Thank you Principal

Mother Athena School Dear Parents, CBSE in association with Fit India Movement is conducting Fit India Freedom Run from 15th August, 2020 to 2nd October 2020 to encourage fitness and help all citizens to get freedom from obesity, laziness, stress, anxiety, diseases etc.The concept behind this run is "lt can be a run anywhere, anytime." Participants may: :-Run a route of their choice, at a time that suits them. :-Break-up your runs. :-Run their own race at their own pace. :-Track kms manually or by using any tracking app or GPS watch. :-Post their pictures on their social media with #Run4India Please Note that school will upload the data of total number of participants and cumulative distance covered by the participants on the Fit India Portal Students are requested to send the details to school at All the students, teachers, additional staff members and their families are requested to run/walk for Fit India Freedom Run from 15th August to 2nd October on any day(s) . Maintain social distancing . For any query and feedback, the schools may visit Thank you Principal